Shop and Ship

Shop and Ship
Shop In-Store and we'll ship it home for you.

You can now shop our full range of gifts and souvenirs at the Sydney Opera House Shops on-site, and we will organise shipment back to your home address for a fixed rate delivery fee. No need to worry about excess baggage or potential breakages in hand luggage. Shipment is with Australia Post and our usual shipping policy applies.

How Does it Work

    1. You shop in-store at the Sydney Opera House Shop located in the Main Box Office Foyer or at the Welcome Centre on the Lower Concourse of the Opera House.
    2. When you go to pay, ask for the order to be sent via Shop and Ship.
    3. The staff will weigh your items and ask where the order is being sent.
    4. The cost of the delivery will be determined based on the weight of the items and final destination. Flat rates apply based on country and weight. See below for details.
    5. You complete the Shop and Ship form including delivery address, email address for notification of delivery, terms and conditions and sign.
    6. You pay for the full order including the items and delivery fee.
    7. Your order will be sent from the Sydney Opera House Shop via Australia Post and an email confirmation will be sent to you once it is on its way.

See rates schedule below

Estimated Speed Basic Charge Distance Charge in excess of 2kg. Rounded up to the nearest kg
Destination Standard/Regular Parcel Services  Up to 500g 501g – 1kg >1kg – 3kg >3kg – 5kg > 5kg Every Additional per 1kg
AUSTRALIA (Domestic) 4-9 Business Days $10   $15   $20   $25  +$8/kg
Destination Standard/Regular Parcel Services  Up to 500g 501g – 1kg >1kg – 1.5kg >1.5kg – 2kg > 2kg Every Additional per 1kg
NEW ZEALAND (Zone 1) 2-8 Weeks $15   $20   $30   $40  +$10/kg
ASIA PACIFIC (Zone 2) 2-8 Weeks $20   $35   $45   $60  +$15/kg
USA & CANADA (Zone 3) 2-8 Weeks $30   $40   $50   $65  +$20/kg
UK & EUROPE (Zone 4) 2-8 Weeks $35   $45   $60   $75  +$20/kg
Rest of World (Zone 5) 2-8 Weeks $40   $55   $75   $90  +$20/ kg