Sydney Opera House Engineering Section Model

Sydney Opera House Engineering Section Model

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This model is a detailed study into the ribs of the Sydney Opera House.

A number of views are utilized when drawing and documenting a complex project such as the Sydney Opera House. This model shows a type of drawing called a section: taking slices periodically through the changing shape of 3 beams or shell ribs in the Opera House. What makes these sections so unique is that a standard structural beam or upright column of this period of architecture doesn’t typically change shape and is uniform along its length, whereas these engineering details are fanning, growing and tapering in reaction to the forces that are applied to them, and to the architecture that they are forming.

This collection of sections were originally displayed in various forms in the The Arup Journal of 1973, a document that explained many of the diverse aspects of the engineering of the Sydney Opera House.

The 3 sections shown are:

  • Concourse beam cross section
  • Rib radial cross sections
  • Side shell arch cross section

Made in Sydney from eco-friendly resin-plaster with all materials sourced locally.

Please be aware due to the models being cast by hand in a traditional, non-injection-moulded process, every model is individual, the plaster may have very small inclusions, which can show as streaks, marks and colour changes, deviations and air pockets.

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Brand: fromBIGthings
Material: Eco Friendly Resin Plaster
Dimensions: 29.8cm x 29.8cm x 3.5cm ( Model )
34cm x 31.5cm x 7cm ( Packaging )
Weight: 1.4 - 1.5kg apx

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