Indigenous Ivory Clay Exfoliating Soap

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The Indigenous Ivory Clay Exfoliating Soap is suitable for all skin types. Handcrafted soap with ivory kaolin clay, wattleseed, macadamia, coconut oil and shea butter, it is a very mild soap and particularly good for use on children and the elderly.

This artisan soap is perfumed with 100% natural essential oils of lemon myrtle and lavender. It is also suitable for vegans.

Learn more about Uncovered successful applicant Mwerre Soap & Skin here.

 Brand: Mwerre Soap & Skin
Material: Ivory Kaolin Clay & Wattleseed with Macadamia, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter
Dimensions: 65mm x 70mm x 23mm
Weight: 115-120 gr

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