Dilly Bag Gilaa (Galah)

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Inspired by Gilaa (Galah), this dilly bag has been weaved using the twine weaving style. Gilaa is strong headed and makes lifelong connections, remaining in the same pair their entire life. Gilaa is a symbol of loyalty.

Each piece is unique and handmade on Gomeroi Country (Tamworth, NSW) by Gomeroi women who support the wellbeing of their Community through the continuation of their ancestral weaving culture.

Available in small and medium sizes. Actual product may differ from the images. Each piece is unique and has slightly different pattern, shape, and portion of colours.

Learn more about Uncovered Yinarr Maramali's collection here.

Yinarr Maramali
Sustainable paper raffia

S: 10cm x 5cm
M: 15cm x 8cm

Weaving style Twine

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