Dream Big & Imagine the What If

Dream Big & Imagine the What If

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Have you ever experienced the overwhelming

feelings of loss and despair?


Are you ready to dream big to create a life beyond

what you could have ever imagined?


Grief, injustice and tragedy can leave you feeling shattered and defeated.

Proud Aboriginal woman and educator, Kylie Captain, lays bare her

heart-wrenching story of loss and circumstance in this unique combination

of an autobiographical, educational and motivational book.


From breaking the cycle and facing fear to using the power of education

and visualisation, you will be left feeling inspired and motivated to take

on life's challenges with confidence and courage.


Kylie's story is a testament to the strength of culture, kin and connection

to Country. Kylie shares her knowledge as an educational leader to

motivate and inspire. You'll be taken on an eye-opening journey of

truth-telling, injustice, identity and hope.


Dream Big and Imagine the What If provides an inspirational narrative

that showcases incredible insights into the transformative power of dreams

to help anyone work towards the life they have always imagined. Kylie will

take you on a journey through her deeply personal story to guide you to

truly understand the power of dreaming big and imagining the 'what if'.


"Kylie's story should be read by every educator,

every student, indeed every Australian."

Associate Professor Cathie Burgess

University of Sydney, President Aboriginal Studies Association


"Kylie's book is filled with messages of kin and Country; it celebrates the intrinsic

power of dreams and gratitude and it is a moving chronicle of resilience."

Professor Bob Morgan

Respected Aboriginal Educator, Researcher and Social Justice Advocate