Sydney Opera House Spherical Solution Model

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This model is a recreation of the Spherical Solution model that was used by Jørn Utzon to describe the way in which the geometry of the concrete ribs of the Opera House sails were derived from one single sphere. This breakthrough allowed the ribs to be prefabricated from a repetitive geometry. The Spherical Solution would become the binding discovery that allowed for the unified and distinctive characteristics of the Sydney Opera House to finally be realised.

This 3D model is made in Sydney from eco-friendly resin-plaster with all materials sourced locally.

Please be aware due to the models being cast by hand in a traditional, non-injection-moulded process, every model is individual, the plaster may have very small inclusions, which can show as streaks, marks and colour changes, deviations and air pockets.

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 Brand: fromBIGthings
Material: Eco Friendly Resin Plaster
Dimensions: 22cm x 41.5cm x 8cm ( Model )
58cm x 35cm x 9cm ( Packaging )
Weight: 2.8 - 2.9kg apx