Mind Free

Mind Free

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Learn to use mindful self-hypnosis to overcome negative thinking and get the most out of your life.

Ditch negative thoughts, smash procrastination, break bad habits, stress less, sleep well, live pain-free, overcome weight issues, fix your phobias and ease anxiety with Mind Free.

Mark Stephens has worked with thousands of people struggling to overcome life's biggest challenges. In this ground-breaking book he shares his proven formula of meditation and self-hypnosis - mindful self-hypnosis - developed over decades spent improving the lives of others.

Mind Free includes empowering self-hypnosis scripts and meditations, key lessons, hypnotic affirmations and inspiring case studies of real people who have used these techniques to achieve amazing results. You'll discover the 21 States - the powerful positive states we all need in our lives - and learn how to overcome whatever is stopping you reaching your full potential. This life-changing guide will help you to use the power of your mind to transform your life.


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