Instant Aussie

Instant Aussie

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 The ideal gift for travellers, or relatives and friends back home.

Instant Aussie covers all the important topics of Australia s foundation and political landscape, Australian mysteries and inventions, indigenous history and culture as well as sweeping natural wonders in an amusing and intriguing style.

Discussing the intricacies of immigration, the historic abolition of the White Australia Policy in 1973 and the ensuing multicultural melting pot, and then in the next breath reminiscing about Australian pop-culture, Instant Aussie s scope is wide ranging and will leave readers better informed on the important issues that have shaped the Australia that we know today.

Funny and charming, Jason Foster s tongue-in-cheek how-to guide on the best things to do and ways to act in order to be mistaken for an Aussie and informative fun facts about Australia s cutest and deadliest creatures are what make Instant Aussie a quintessentially Australian book.

Instant Aussie is an informative and fun way to truly immerse yourself in fair dinkum Aussie culture without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.


Author: Jason Foster 

Publication date: 01 June 2015

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